Projet de Loi

Jean De Villeray

An Act on Common Sense

For sure, you never heard of this law since it doesn’t exist. The common sense doesn’t exist in the head of the legislator. And in the head of our politicians? But those people don’t have any head, will you tell me. Yes. They do have a head, but they don’t use it for thinking but for unthinking or think omission. Now is the time for common sense to manifest itself. How?

How come we see more and more street gangs, criminalized motorcycle gangs, all sorts of underground gangs who springs up like mushrooms? Because those people are not dangerous: they don’t mess with politics. They never kill a politician, they never attack the power in place, so they are not dangerous.

They kill, wound hundreds of persons, but for the politicians, the magistrature, it’s not serious. Since they are never touched, THEY DON’T CARE. They don’t have a heart, a head or guts. They are like larva, earth worms, leeches, invertebrates.

What only counts for politicians is to be reelected, to keep their job. That’s it and that’s all. This attitude, this way of thinking, this foolish behaviour makes me sick, disguts me. What can we do to change all this? I will give you a very simple solution which will not cost you a penny, not a cent, and that will discourage any young adolescent or adult to evolve into the way of the easy criminality.

The truth is that our laws are so ridiculous, the sentences so meaningless, that the youth is saying to itself “Why not take a chance? We have nothing to loose. The only thing they can do against us is to put us in jail and if, in jail, we are smarter than they are, we’re gonna get out in a record time. We’re gonna make only the sixth of the sentence and even less since the time passed in Parthenais jail before the trial counts in double.”

They are not wrong. When the crime pays, and pays a lot, the ridiculous, meaningless sentences are an encouragement, an invitation to engage into the crime path. Not exactly, since right now, it is so easy and they are so numerous that we can call that a highway. That’s what is going on right now, presently.

So, what is the solution? Citizen bill? Yes, but it’s not enough. Our judges could become more stupid that they are right now. Must we change our judges? No, the common sense is not thought at the university; it doesn’t exist in the law books. The common sense is to have a penalty that will be dissuasive. A penalty which equals the seriousness of the crimes. Psychologists-of-my-butt, get away from me. I insist. It’s going to blow up. Because I insist that we get back the penalty of the whip, the good old whip which leaves some memories to make some think over and over. There is nothing to make us think over more than physical pain. It’s our greatest master, our greatest teacher. This is the best way that nature uses to make us think. Do you think that you are smarter than the nature? Do you think that you are wiser? No! So take it as an example. Imitate it. The law of the common sense is the one that brings us to think, the one that does not give us a choice. You think out or you suffer.

We can apply it in a jail yard or in a court room, in front of television cameras. Very educational. We ask to a policeman or a good soul to use the whip and to do a good work of it, and after the criminal has purged he sentence, we return him into the community.

We just have to hope that our headless, heartless, gutless de-thinkers move their ass. Shake the only cell they have in their brain or the unique neuron sitting there.

Who deserves the whip?

Any person who commits a filthy crime. A filthy crime is a crime whose consequences are irreparable or almost irreparable. An horrible crime. Here is a list of what seems to me crimes whose justice don’t care very much about:

• crimes committed toward the elderly, arson, fraud of notaries depriving the elderly of the fruit of a lifetime labor (there’s a bunch of those!), violent crimes using torture, rapes, telemarketing frauds;

All of the crimes toward the elderly are not regarded seriously.

• crimes toward the community, pilverage of food banks, arsons of school (5 millions of dollars for a school, a trifle!), frauds by big companies on the stock exchange, mutual founds frauds (why would a fund drop 50% while it has a reserve of 20%? (fishy!) And no inquiry, ever), fraudulent bankrupcies;

• fraudulent conversion by deputies (false reports, false studies). The RGC never arrest them; they call that situation a “ conflict of interest”;

• thefts of public property, computers, software, and anything you might think of. It accounts for millions each year. Who cares! It’s not the government money: it’s ours!.

• car thefts rings? They are never punished seriously. As soon as they get out of jail (if they pass a month) they’re back on business again! They make $100,000 a year, free of income taxes. The penalty: $100 $ per car found. It’s a joke. A real joke, plus some hours of work in the community; big punishment…

The judges are laughing at the people. Politicians? Is it their business? May be yes, may be no, we’ll see. They are sleeping.

It’s time to wake them up. The whip would do a very good job. Tell them what they need to hear. When they try to think, they call that “a study”. And they want to be paid for it. It’s a new kind of double dipping. Even the Opposition Whip wants to be paid for starting thinking. What we need is a real whip, you understand? A real whip.

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